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Drashti Eye Hospital in Navi Mumbai

Drashti Eye Hospital is a well-equipped eye hospital with state of the art equipment which will take care of all your eye needs. We work with you our clients in creating the right mix of doctors and patients interaction and help you achieve the eye care which is responsive, caring and relevant to you. We have the best in class diagnostic, imaging and laser system facilities. If you require a hospital which will help discover the needs of eye surgery and care which will help provide the best results and help maintain us as leaders and visionaries in the eye care industry.

We have practical experience in the determination of retinal eye diseases and serve medications for cataract, glaucoma, cornea, uveitis, oculoplastics, neuro-opthalmology, pediatric ophthalmology, refractive eye surgery and many more.

With doctors who are well trained and learned in the field of eye care we understand the need of the patients who will not only achieve their desired treatment but also treatment which is caring, in time and with achievable results.

We want to keep serving our patients with eye afflictions to the best of our capacity live up to the reputation of being a leading provider of quality eye care.


To become a leader in healthcare through its clinical excellence and compassionate patient care without compromising ethics of the medical profession.


To make a lasting impact on the eradication of blindness or any eye disease by providing care to all economic sections of the society.