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Lingual braces are a treatment method where the appliance (brackets, wires and elastics) used to rearrange your teeth is mounted on their backside (tongue side).

Due to this positioning, they're sometimes called "inside" braces. In comparison, conventional "outside" braces are placed on the side of your teeth that shows. Lingual orthodontics particularly well-suited for adults whose professions keep them in the public eyes.

How do they work?

lingual braces use a wire and bracket system to gradually pull teeth into the desired position. You’ll need to visit your dentist every 6-8 weeks to have them tightened and adjusted. Custom-made braces can speed up treatment times and give your orthodontist greater control over results. They are also more comfortable to wear as they are typically slimmer than standard brackets. They do, however, come at a higher cost due to the fact that each piece is made to order.